System Automation

Learn more about our control systems.

All of our control systems are custom designed and supplied by Northeast’s engineers and electricians for your particular plant operation, such as Refrigeration, Process, Environment Control or a combination of all these.

We take pride in designing and installing a system that will insure the most efficient and economical operation. From conception, our plan is structured as if we had to operate the plant and pay the monthly power bill.

Our systems are state-of-the-art and, at the same time, user-friendly. All systems are designed by refrigeration engineers and simple for your plant personnel to make changes (requiring no computer background). Each system is supplied with a operating manual which guides the user (in a step-by-step instruction format) on how changes can be initiated without any difficulty.

If any questions arise, our staff is available 24/7 for assistance.

Some of the features offered are:

1. Tie-in existing equipment to a new instalation
2. Have a manual back-up system in the event of a
computer malfunction
3. Key pad to make changes
4. Read-out of all pressures & temperatures in the
system (located in front of the panel).
5. Hand/Off auto switches, enabling operator to
bypass computer but not the plant’s safety circuit.
6. Operators program defrost times and can select
room temperatures, suction, discharge pressures
all within 1 psi or 1″ vac.
7. Log operating hours for maintenance
8. Temperature trending of rooms
9. Changes can be made and system can be
monitored with a desktop PC
10. Suction & discharge gauge manifold located on
top of panel
11. Allen Bradley SLC 503 or 504 processes