Northeast distributors can provide PSM RPM and General Duty plans associated with ammonia refrigeration systems.  Our plans are computer based the customer is also provided paper copies as well. The PSM plan consists of the following.


1)      Overview of OSHA Process Safety Management

2)      Employee precipitation

3)      Process safety information Block flow diagram, process chemistry Maximum intended inventory calculation, operating limits, materials of construction, relief system design and calculation, machinery room ventilation design and calculation, codes and standards, Energy balance, P&ID we can also provide pipe and vessel labeling to IIAR standard and provide valve tags installed

4)      PHA process hazard analysis

5)      Pre startup safety review

6)      Standard operating procedures SOP’s & Technical operating specifications TOS’s

7)      Training

8)      Management of change MOC

9)      Mechanical integrity programs We can also provide non destructive ultrasound for piping and vessels as well as X-rays

10)   Hot Work

11)   Contractor qualification

12)   Incident investigation

13)   Compliance audits

14)   Trade secrets


We strive to provide our customers with a single source contractor to provide all services pertaining to your refrigeration requirements