About Us

Learn what NED Inc. is all about.

Northeast Distributors is the best solution for your refrigeration needs!

We serve the dairy, fish, poultry, mean, bakery, and cold storage industries with experience, expertise, and pride.  We prepackage engine room components into operating systems.  We design and construct complete automated computerized control systems, with manual overrides, for process and refrigeration systems.  We completely refurbish screw and reciprocating compressors for exchange or for outright purchase.  We design & install Ammonia Pump Recirculating Package units and we refurbish Plate Freezers and Ice Machines.  Based on the customer’s specifications, we supply either new or refurbished equipment.  All equipment carries a minimum one-year warranty.  We are an authorized APV/CREPACO stocking distributor for refrigeration.

If you need screw & reciprocating compressors, plate freezers, auto purgers, PSM systems, upgrades to existing systems, computerized control systems with graphics packaged compressor rooms, or just about anything else…CONTACT US TODAY!